Friday, July 29, 2011

#62 What's in a Name? Yellow Warbler

I am going to begin this series, What's in a Name? with one of my favorites - Dendroica petechia, the scientific name of the ubiquitous Yellow Warbler.

Birds, like all living creatures and plants, are given a two part scientific binomial name that is Latinized.

Whereas the common name can vary depending upon whether it is in English or the language of a certain country, the scientific name always remains the same.

The genus, describes something pertinent to the family, and a species name, usually suggests something about the bird.  Dendroica means "tree dwelling", which warblers certainly are! The second part of the name, "petechia" is a medical term and comes from the strongly marked dark red streaks on the breast, which reminded the person that named this species, Carl Linnaeus, of a rash on the skin!
yellow warbler © adrian binns

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