Friday, December 17, 2010

#29 Conservation Tip: Christmas Bird Count (CBC's)

The long-running Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is one of the most important conservation activities ever, and the oldest wildlife census on the planet! Sponsored by the National Audubon Society, this 3-week long, international event brings together groups of birders to count individual numbers and species within designated count circles. Occurring annually from mid-Dec to early-Jan, the CBC offers a fun-filled holiday tradition to enjoy with friends and family. Over 100 years of data has been collected from CBC reports, reflecting important species trends, populations and distributions. CBC data has been used by scientists and law-makers to implement critical decisions about conservation policies; the ban on the toxic pesticide DDT was imposed in part because of CBC data.

The 111th Christmas Bird Count takes place on December 14, 2010 thru January 5, 2011. You can volunteer to participate by contacting your local bird club, or checking the website. You'll spend a day birding in the field with friends, while contributing incredibly important information for science and conservation. A winning combination!
photo © adrian binns

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