Sunday, October 31, 2010

#22 Field Tip: Follow that Sound

Jays and Crows are experts at detecting hawks and owls, and harassing them with endless calls, screeches and screams. Chickadees and titmouse also do this, as frantically, if not as loudly. This is known as mobbing, and they do this as a way to alarm others and encourage the raptors to leave, because they know that hawks and owls prey on roosting and smaller birds.

If you are out birding and hear an incessantly long jay screaming or crows squawking, follow the sound, as it may lead to an unexpected owl sighting!
photo © adrian binns

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  1. Yesterday I heard the crows going absolutely nuts in the yard, and saw that it was a gorgeous Red Fox that was on the receiving end of their wrath. Moral of the story, do Follow That just never know!