Friday, August 6, 2010

#8 Conservation Tip: Keep Cats Indoors

This is the only way cats should interact with birds - from behind glass! Outdoor cats pose a major threat to our bird population. Keep your cat indoors at all times.


  1. A 22 or 17 caliber rifle makes an excellent cat dispatcher. May I reccomend the Nikon Prostaff Classic Rimfire Rifle Scope 4x 32mm Nikoplex Reticle mounted to a Savage MKIIF Bolt Action Rimfire Rifle in 17 MACH 2,w/Accutrigger.

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  3. Ha Ha TONY!!!! We all know that you are a true animal lover at heart.
    I have had many comments on facebook from like-minded birders that are doing the right thing and keeping cats indoors, which is excellent. The challenge is to convince those that are not doing this.