Friday, July 23, 2010

#6 Optics Tip: Mind the Bug Spray!

In certain seasons, in some areas, greenheads and mosquitos are out in full force. You reach for the bug spray immediately upon opening the car door, frantically attempting to repel the vicious biters. In doing so, always spray outdoors, never in an enclosed area or inside your car.

Don’t forget to put your optics or camera out of reach first, so that the spray does not touch your valuable equipment.

If you get bug spray on your hands, be sure to wipe it off with soap and water and dry them thoroughly before picking up your bins or camera. The powerful chemicals in the bug spray will quickly erode the equipment. And keep this in mind when spraying around children or pets - bug spray can be harmful!
photo © adrian binns


  1. Great tip A. I have seen more than a few expensive binocs and scopes get ruined by DEET!

  2. Thanks for the tip! The first time I ever used bug spray, I was glad that my friend kindly but firmly told me to step away from the car and remove my bins to a safe location. It would've been a hard lesson to learn, if she hadn't told me that. I'm glad you put this out there.