Sunday, June 27, 2010

#1 Field Tip: Baby Birds, Leave Them Be

Spring and summer are when birds are raising young ones. It is a time when we are likely to come across a young fledgling, out of its nest, that is begging for food and looks helpless without its parent. Leave it alone! There is good chance that one or both parents are very close by keeping an eye on it. When they feel safe, they will feed it. The quicker it grows the sooner it will be able to fly. This is nature’s way and we should not interfere.
Northern Mockingbird © adrian binns 


  1. This is one of the best tips ever. Post it often, as birds are still breeding! Sadly, people do not realize that the vast majority of baby birds found on the ground, ostensibly "helpless and abandoned" are perfectly fine. They pick them up and bring them inside, hoping to raise them in a shoebox with an eyedropper full milk. Of course the little ones usually perish. Leave them be!

  2. Raising wild birds is technically illegal without a permit. One is suppose to take them to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. As you rightly point out they are probably fine, and as with all birds at some stage they have to venture out into the real world. First they will rely upon their parents to look after and / or feed them, then their survival instincts will have to kick in to avoid predators and find their own food. What is sad, is seeing understaffed rehab centers having to look after baby birds that in all likelihood had parents waiting to feed them.